About us

We provide expert advice, data analysis and interpretation, and numerical modeling for the oil & gas industry in the fields of geomechanics and geophysics. Our team members have strong expertise in all aspects concerning the physics of porous media, and a long experience in oil and gas engineering. Primary field of work is the monitoring and forecasting of geomechanical phenomena associated to oil & gas production, in order to increase field productivity, decrease the drilling and production costs and limit the environmental impacts. We are small, flexible and very cost-effective. We are always keen to face new challenges and open to new ideas.
Our tools
We use the ISAMGEO finite element simulator, one of the most advanced geomechanical modelling tools for the O&G industry, developed by ISAMGEO Engineering GmbH. The software includes standard and high-order finite element schemes, and incorporates advanced elasto-plastic rheological constitutive laws. Options to simulate rate-dependent behavior are also available. The constitutive laws were developed during joint industry projects, and proved successful in a variety of geological settings, including chalk, clean and shaly sands and sandstones, salt domes. The ISAMGEO simulator is seamlessly integrated into all our workflows, for reservoir management, monitoring and wellbore stability. Feel free to contact us, if you have any question or would like to get some additional information!

Where we are

We are based in Angera, a small town near the city of Varese, some 60km N-W from Milan, Italy. A nice venue, a beautiful landscape, just 30minutes drive from Milano-Malpensa airport, but surrounded by historical places, lakes and vineyards. You see, there are so many good reasons to work with us!


Isamgeo Engineering GmbH – Rock mechanics for the O&G industry, 35+ years of experience.

realtimeseismic SA – Real time seismic solutions and integrated geoscience products

Alessandro Brovelli, PhD